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Terms of Service



The Artist agrees to perform and complete the following services (“Services”) in a timely, efficient, and professional manner:


  • If the product purchased is custom: Develop Artwork design and Produce the Mermaid themed garment in accordance with the terms and conditions stated under this Agreement;

  • Reproduce shop designs and manufacture the items after purchase

  • Ensure that the Artwork is original in its nature and that it should be of excellent quality, standard, and craftsmanship; and

  • Deliver the artwork using 3rd party delivery services.



Terms and Conditions


  • TERM

These services will become effective on purchase date and will continue up to 5 weeks from purchase. Silicone work will have its own time frame, as stipulated in conversations between Moonsong magic and the purchaser




All payments will be made upfront by the customer, using Paypal service providers. This amount will cover the professional fees of the Artist, accommodation expenses, equipment costs, and installation costs with respect to the terms and conditions herein. All sales, purchases and fees are final.




Moonsong magic owns the copyright to all standard items in the shop, and no reproduction of any artwork is permitted. With regards to custom work: Both the customer and the Artist will be joint proprietors of the copyright in the Design Documentation and Artwork in terms of equal shares. If either Party intends to reproduce the Artwork, the written consent of the other Party must be sought.




The Artist will provide the customer with the Design Documentation which serves as the final specifications of their artwork in accordance with the Artwork Description stated in this Contract. The Design Documentation must include specifications and other relevant information regarding the Artwork as requested or needed by the Customer. The Customer will provide references, inspiration documentation and feedback to the artist, but should also allow artistic interpretation of the brief.


During the process of design documentation, the customer is allowed 3 revisions of the artwork before committing to the final work. Any revisions thereafter will be charged at an hourly rate.



The customer is fully responsible for providing accurate measurements before production of the final work can take place. Measurements will include length and width measurements. Too many corrections to a customer's faulty measurement may result in errors in the final product. The customer must ensure they are accurate and clear.





The artist will create a fully functional, swimmable, fabric mermaid tail inspired by the concept artwork or the selected artworks available on the website. The artist is also limited to available pigmentation on the market, and will replicate the desired effects as close to the artwork as possible. The Customer understands that there may be variations between the concept art and the final product. The customer also recognises that there may be minor texture differences in the fabric between batches.



The customer is responsible for the payment of delivery fees, as well as any import duties and tax fees that may be incurred. The artist is not responsible for any damage that may occur in transit. Delivery may take up to 10 days on international parcels, unless other delivery options are requested.



Both Parties may terminate services at the event that one of the Parties fails to perform its duties and responsibilities. Abuse, harassment and general misconduct may result in an order being cancelled. Moonsong Magic reserves the right to cancel and refund orders based on the terms of termination.  No cancellations may be permitted after the item has been sent to print, therefore cancellations should be within 4 days of purchase, in writing.


The customer understands the items purchased are wearable items that will eventually succumb to wear and tear. The sublimation printing process deposits colour to the surface of the fabric, and does not bleed all the way through. Therefore, scratches, rubbing and scuffing may occur. Pool chemicals will weaken the fibres even further, and brushing up against rough surfaces, both in and out of the pool, will result in scuffs. Moonsong Magic holds no responsibility for damage incurred while the tail is in use.

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