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Our Story


Shello my Merbabes! Welcome to Moonsong Magic, where we make your ultimate mermaid dreams come true. We offer many services, that include silicone tails,  fabric tails and various apparel. I am very passionate about every garment we make, and they are all put together by hand. No production line, no factories, each item is a unique piece of art that may differ slightly than the one before.

When I personally discovered mermaiding, I found that the activity was both challenging and mentally calming. It improved my mental health, and it allowed me to express myself artistically and through physical movement. When I am asked about mermaiding, I often refer to it as underwater dance and performance.

Mermaid tail orders will be on a commission bases, when the cart is open. I will only hold 5 slots at a time, to ensure each tail gets special care and attention.


I have a degree in graphic design, and has spent many years working on entrepreneurial projects, with specific interest in fantasy art. I have recently become certified as a freediver with the NAUI agency, and have also certified as a NAUI mermaid. I have participated in freediving competitions, and I continue to push my limits under strict guidance.  I have sold around 200 tails around the world, making me ever so grateful to have found such a wonderful community that supports my artistic expressions!

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