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About Moonsong Magic

Mermaiding is a unique and fascinating hobby that involves swimming while wearing a mermaid tail. It has gained popularity in recent years as a form of recreational activity and a way to experience the fantasy of being a mermaid. This hobby allows people to connect with nature, explore their creativity and imagination, and improve their physical fitness by engaging in full-body workouts that strengthen their core and leg muscles. Additionally, mermaiding provides a sense of freedom and escapism from the stressors of everyday life. It encourages people to embrace their individuality and express themselves in a fun and non-judgmental environment. Overall, mermaiding is a fulfilling and enjoyable activity that offers numerous benefits for both physical and mental well-being.


Kylee Nel is the founder and owner of the tail making boutique known as Moonsong Magic. She is an internationally known brand name that provides mermaid tails to performers in all corners of the world. 

While Kylee is a tail maker by trade, she is also a certified freediver and mermaid instructor. She qualified within the top 5 competitors in the 2022 Freediving National Championships in the womens' division. Her current PB's are 100m Dynamics, 4:02mins static and 28m depth.

She is also a martial art practitioner, and has achieved her 3rd Dan Black belt in Aikido. She is a part time instructor at the PE School of Aikido, and has spent the majority of her career in the educational training industry.

She made her first mermaid tail in June 2019, and opened Moonsong Magic in January 2020. 

about kylee 1.jpg

June 2019

Kylees First Tail

june 2010.jpg

June 2020

Shop Grows

feb 2021.jpg

February 2021

Fabric from Silicone

November 2021.jpg

December 2021

3rd Personal Tail

july 2022.jpg

July 2022

Basic Tail Options

jan 2023.jpg

Jan 2023

4th Gen Designs

june 2023.jpg

June 2023

Sodwana Festival

jan 2010.jpg

September 2019

Top Making

august 2010.jpg

August 2020

First Silicone Tail

septamber 2020.jpg

September 2021

Silicone slots open

feb 2022.jpg

February 2022

3rd Gen Fabric Tails

july 20222.jpg

July 2022

Final Fabric Switch

march 2023.jpg

March 2023

Local Merlympics

November 2023.jpg

November 2023

Apparel Update

jan 2010 shop opening.jpg

January 2020

Shop Opened

october 2020.jpg

October 2020

Second Silicone Tail

september 2021.jpg

November 2021

Collab with Jburg

april 2022.jpg

April 2022

Naui Certification

november 2022.jpg

Novemer 2022

Mermaid Festival

april 2023.jpg

April 2023

Basic Tail Revamp

new range.jpg

January 2024

Large Update

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