Frequently asked questions


How long does standard shipping take?

Standard shipping is no longer the selected option in the store. If you can not afford DHL shipping, please request to switch to Standard shipping. Standard shipping will have a rate of $20 - $90 dollars. South African Postal services are very SLOW, but it will get to you you. We will issue you with a tracking number, so that you may keep an eye on its progress. EMS promises to have the item with you within 4 to 5 weeks, but customs may hold and review the package from time to time. So please allow for 4 weeks for the package to get to you. Tracking on standard shipping is erratic. PLEASE NOTE: Covid restrictions has put further delays on packages. Some packages take 5 or 6 weeks to arrive. Depending on your location.

How long does express shipping take?

Express shipping takes up to 10 days. DHL shipping: we have adjusted the store to only accommodate express shipping. This is determined by weight and by size of the package. If you include a vinyl purchase, this will increase the box size, and therefore will substantially increase your shipping. We have included the option to purchase without vinyl to allow for cheaper shipping rates. If you can not afford DHL shipping, please request to switch to Standard shipping.

What countries can you ship to?

Certain countries will not accept standard shipping, and will only allow for a courier. Its best to contact us to check if your country is eligable for standard shipping. America has no problem with standard shipping.

Mermaid Tails

Mermaid Tails: How to measure to get the right size?

Please take special note of the sizing suggestions to get to your accurate measurements. If you are unsure, always size up. Its sometimes best to ask someone to measure for you. Remember the saying, measure 3 times, because you can cut only once! PLEASE ensure you have enough LENGTH in your measurement. Do not measure your "waist" at your hip bones. The waist is at the navel. The measurements we look for are: Length: Waist (navel) to ankle Waist (navel) to knee Around: Waist (where you want the tail to end) Hips (Widest part of your hips) Knees calves (Widest part) Ankles (if you have a larger monofin)

Mermaid Tails: It doesn't fit, can I exchange it?

Unfortunately no, we do not accept exchanges at this point. Not unless there was a blatant error in order sizing. So please make sure you measure yourself accurately before you order.

Mermaid Tails: What are the tails made from?

Generation 1 tails were sprinted on spandex. The tails in the shop (generation 2) are printed on scuba fabric. Its thicker than spandex, but still lighter than neoprene. It does not add extra bouyancy in the water.

Mermaid Tails: Does it come with a monofin?

Unfortunately no, you will need to have your own monofin. The monofin recommended are the Mahina monofin or the Finis Wave. We do not recommend small, soft monofins like the Fin Fun. It needs to be large in size, and with a substantially stiff blade.

Mermaid Tails: What monofin will fit?

Tested monofins: Mahina Lucia Fishfin Finis shooter Finis luna (selected tails only) Finis Wave Fantasea fin 4 (selected tails only If you would like to customise your tail to fit your monofin, please send an email to info@moonsongmagic.com

Mermaid Tails: How do I take care of my Tail?

UPDATE: it has been brought to my attention that a large number of public pools in other countries have rough grit surfaces. THESE SURFACES EAT MERMAID TAILS FOR BREAKFAST! Please double check the surface of your pool, and swim at your own risk. The first thing to remember is that your Tail is a small investment. Try not to be to rough with it, or to force the stretch when putting it on or installing the monofin. Try to avoid standing or hopping on the bottom of a pool. Rinse your tail immediately after swimming, and lay it flat to dry. Do not hang it up, as it may stretch out of its original shape. Be gentle with the seams, and take care of it around rough surfaces. Try to sit on a towel when on land.

How long will I wait for my mermaid tail?

Construction of the tails will take 3 to 4 weeks, but usually be finished sooner. Shipping will add onto this time as well, and will depend on what shipping option you choose. Please see the shipping FAQ


Do you ship outside of South Africa?

Yes! We now ship our products internationally. Please take note of relevant shipping costs.

Do you have a shop that I can visit?

Unfortunately, no, everything is handled online. If you have a specific inquiry, please dont hesitate to ask.


Vinyl: What is the vinyl made from?

The vinyl is a clear sheet of plastic that is 800 micron thick. (0.8mm on each side). For reference, Finfolk tails are 2000 micron thick (2mm on each side) The vinyl is held in place with interlocking velcro patches attached to the vinyl. Ordering vinyl increases the box size, and therefore will increase shipping

Vinyl: why is the vinyl thin?

2000 micron clear vinyl is not manufactured in South Africa and needs to be imported. This isnt readily available, and would cause delays. It also increases mermaid tail production costs and shipping costs. 800 micron is locally available (yet still imported) and allows for smaller boxes.

Vinyl: can I use the tail with no vinyl insert?

YES!! If you purchase the tail without a vinyl insert, we will include a sewn in pocket into your tails fluke to hold the monofin in place.

Vinyl: how will  it effect the swimming if there is no vinyl?

Tails with vinyl will be heavier in the water, but the fluke will be held open. Due to the vinyls thickness, the tail will still have beautiful flow and flop in the water. Pros: holds fluke open, works best for land photoshoots Cons: expensive shipping, more drag underwater, extra fuss If you dont have vinyl, the tail will stream behind the strokes of the monofin, creating a beautiful effect underwater. Pros: lighter tail, less fuss, cheaper shipping, flowing effect Cons: wide flukes will fold in and appear smaller, land photoshoots will require you to pull the fabric open.

Vinyl: can I make my own vinyl?

Absolutely! Purchase your vinyl of choice, trace out the fluke shape onto the vinyl, and cut out two fluke shapes. you can use velcro adhesive, or cut small strips into the vinyl to allow for ties to keep the vinyl closed.