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Custom Mermaid Tails

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Custom Tails order Form

Create your dream tail! I would love nothing more than to work with you to create your own mersona! If you love a tail from the shop, but does not match your mersona colours, use the basic recolor option. If you would like unique markings, patterns and colours, please select that bracket. There is also an option to add fins too!


However, if there is a design that is completely unique that you would like us to explore, please select the Unique concept bracket for us to begin.

Here are the prices you can expect


Base Tail:

Basic tail collection: $200
Deluxe tail collection: $350 - $450

The customization:
Recolour: +$100
additional fins: + $50 per pair
Unique markings: +$50
unique fluke design: +$100

Additional fins: 
+ $50 per pair Medium to large
+ $60 per pair extra large
+$90 extended fluke shapes
+$70 long dorsal or split dorsal
+ $50 short dorsal


Based on your option selected, I will begin communicating with you, so please gather reference pictures for me to use. I WILL NOT COPY ANOTHER TAIL DESIGN.


That being said, I have not seen every tail design out there, and I try my best to keep everything within the moonsong genré.


I will send you proofs of what the design will look like, and once it has been approved, I will begin production. It will take 3 to 4 weeks to create from the moment you have approved the design.


You will also be asked to provide measurements when I create the final image. Further questions will be ironed out during our correspondence

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