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Perfect top style for the busty Mer!


Own a stunning, silicone mermaid top that is perfectly swimable. Made from high quality silicone, the pigments are added in mold, which means that the color will never scratch off.


I can customise this top to suit your color combinations, but using this template as you see pictures.



We have two shipping rates, domestic and international.


Domestic South African shipping will be a flat rate of approximately R150 to have the item couriered to your door.

International shipping will have a rate of $70 dollars. South African Postal services are very SLOW, but it will get to you you. We will issue you with a tracking number, so that you may keep an eye on its progress. It will take up to 3 - 4 weeks.

If you would like to receive the item sooner, send a message in the cart, and we will invoice you the balance of a Fedex courier cost. You will, however, be charged around $300 to receive the item within 3 days.

Scaled mermaid top - large sizes

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