Realistic mermaid scale designs taken from photos of real silicone mermaid tails. Flukes come in a standard size, but can be sewn to conform to your monofin from the options below.


Recommended monofins:


Lucia Fish Fin

Fantasea Fin 3



Moonsong Magic will not be held accountable for incorrect sizing due to inaccurate measurements supplied by the customer. 


Please allow for as much length as possible. Low cut tails often lead to disappoinment. When measuring

Waist is the top of the tail (where you want it to end)

Hips refers to the fullest part of your buttocks

Knees are measure while held together, around both knees

Calves are measured while held together, around both legs

Ankles, do not squeeze your ankles together. Allow space for your monofin.


WARNING! Tails and monofins do not assist in swimming. Tails produce drag in water, and legs are bound. DO NOT SWIM ALONE


Kindly allow for up to 4 to 5 weeks for the tail to be constructed. Shipping will add another 10 to 15 days to the fulfillment time. Shipping does not include import duties or taxes, and customer will be responsible for any additional charges.

Purple Poison