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Massive Shop Update!

!!!Black Friday Sale!!!

Valid till the 3rd of December!

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Moonsong Merbassadors!


Mermaid Jacy is a freshwater mermaid from Ontario, Canada. She is a PADI mermaid instructor, an SSI mermaid instructor and award winning children’s author. Mermaid Jacy has a passion for the biodiversity and eco care of the Great Lakes. She works with schools, Girl Guide groups, local communities, libraries, zoos and aquariums to bring education and climate change awareness to children. Mermaid Jacy has been mermaid swimming on behalf of multiple charities over the years and has raised over $4000 for many causes. Mermaid Jacy has been the recipient of awards and recognition for mermaid and education excellence; from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums of Canada and her home Town of Brampton Ontario for her mermaid performing arts. Now as the sitting secretary for Freedive Toronto, Mermaid Jacy has been helping rebuild the Freedive community in Toronto Canada and advocating for mermaids and safe diving practices. 

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Mermaid Chimera is curious, passionate and driven to create! Combining her passion for mermaiding, folklore and cosplay, she Established Sirenology Studios as a personal stage and atelier.  Refining her artistic capabilities and expressing her enduring love of storytelling through the creation of magical accoutrement! She painstakingly handcrafts each treasure, fabricating them with premium materials and an undying obsession for mermaids and all things mysterious! She is an avid underwater adventurer  with a "safety-first" mindset, being both a Naui Qualified Mermaid and Freediver. Lover of the oceans and waterways, she strongly maintains that the ocean conservation problem is Ultimately an internal, human problem, and that the abuse of earth's creatures will only sustainably end with the abuse and lack of compassion with one another.  As well as being an advocate for ending the GBV crisis, she aims to take a stand against Human trafficking in South Africa. Believing that increasing awareness and education is an important first step in the elimination of heinous crimes against humanity. Being a neurodivergent Mermaid with unique struggles, she knows that by championing neuroinclusivity in creative communities, allows neurodiverse individuals easier access to a much-needed sense of belonging, support and understanding. She believes in the the value their unique gifts can contribute and the beauty and validity of their individual stories.

Facebook Reviews

Mermaid Calypso SA

" Super excited, My first ever silicone tops came in the mail today! Made by our local Under the Sea Queen, Moonsong Magic. THANK YOU THANK YOU! Pictures don't do them justice, I absolutely adore them."

Freediving Johannesburg

"I absolutely love my moonsong tails ! They are not only beautiful and the best quality possible but they make you feel like I am pretty too while wearing them. I run a NAUI mermaids school and many of my students wear moonsong tails. I highly recommend these stunning tails. You won’t be sorry if you invest in one of these beautiful works of art! Clearly Kylee is very passionate about what she does making them in line with top international quality"

Janet Rudman

"The most beautiful tails ever. Can freedive comfortably in my tail down to a reef. Easy to put on. Kylee is friendly and takes her customer service very seriously"

Nina Roux

"Beautiful unique designs from an incredibly creative lady! fantastic service and always willing to discuss anything or answer questions!

Kylee is Passionate about every aspect of her business and growing this beautiful mermaid community in South Africa, can't go wrong with her and cannot recommend her enough!!!!!!!!"

Sandra Klimmeck

"I would give you every Star in the Galaxy!

I truely fell in love with Kylees work! I ordered two tails (Toxic Rainbow, and Night Terror-Call of the Abyss) and customised the Toxic Rainbow, because I wanted another dorsal fin design. And what should I say? These are beyond my expectations! I swam with the Toxic Rainbow on the very same day, when they arrived and it felt so comfortable to swim with. I never expected the kind of magic Kylee is capable of!

I will cherish my two tails for a lot of years and I am super glad, that I found Kylee! She loves what she does and that love shows in every little detail!

Kylee, it was an honor to be your customer! You are truly a very kind and passionate soul and I will follow you for the rest of my life

Thank you so much for these two pieces of pure magic!"

Cindy Hawkins

"My tail is even better than what I imagined it would be! Despite the really large fluke, I find it quite comfortable to swim in! Kylee was also so great! She put in so much love and passion into making my tail Thanks Kylee!"

Tamsyn Watkins

" I truly love my tail! The colours are so vibrant and it fills my heart with joy! I cannot say thank you enough for the most gorgeous tail! It fits like a glove and looks STUNNING in the water!

I genuinely look forward to wearing my tail every time I go swimming and I cannot wait for the world to see your art!"

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