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Available as deluxe, basic and budget versions!


Moonsong Merbassadors!


Charity is a proud wife to her wonderful husband Andre and a devoted mother to her two adorable kids, Oakley (12) and Felicity (8). With a passion for adventure, she loves sharing her eccentric and exciting life with her loyal fans and followers on Instagram. Her interests range from mermaiding,  aerial fitness, and sailing to hair color, beauty, and handmade fashion.

Charity's impressive athletic background includes competing as an athlete for three seasons on NBC's  American Ninja Warrior, where she is well-known as the "Mermaid Ninja." Her diverse fitness practice has also included competitive dance, aerial, and free dive training. She has gained internet fame for her viral DIY hair coloring videos and handmade fashion. She loves sharing her unique hair tips, design tutorials, and whimsical

style with her followers.

Her deep love for the ocean is woven into all her passions and after spending a year living aboard a sailboat and sailing around the Caribbean, Charity launched her own hand-designed bikini company. Her brand is made with environment consciousness in mind using local resources, small batch supply chains, and recycled materials as possible. She has worked with and supported multiple ocean conservations including 4ocean, Mermaids for Change, Clearwater Marine Aquarium, and Honest Eco Key West. She is a content creator who thrives on creating fun and engaging content and sharing the latest and greatest in beauty, fitness, and Fashion. With her captivating personality and diverse interests, Charity hopes to truly inspire everyone to live to fullest while being a good steward of the things we cherish the most.

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Mermaid Jacy is a freshwater mermaid from Ontario, Canada. She is a PADI mermaid instructor, an SSI mermaid instructor and award winning children’s author. Mermaid Jacy has a passion for the biodiversity and eco care of the Great Lakes. She works with schools, Girl Guide groups, local communities, libraries, zoos and aquariums to bring education and climate change awareness to children. Mermaid Jacy has been mermaid swimming on behalf of multiple charities over the years and has raised over $4000 for many causes. Mermaid Jacy has been the recipient of awards and recognition for mermaid and education excellence; from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums of Canada and her home Town of Brampton Ontario for her mermaid performing arts. Now as the sitting secretary for Freedive Toronto, Mermaid Jacy has been helping rebuild the Freedive community in Toronto Canada and advocating for mermaids and safe diving practices. 


Mermaid Chimera is curious, passionate and driven to create! Combining her passion for mermaiding, folklore and cosplay, she Established Sirenology Studios as a personal stage and atelier.  Refining her artistic capabilities and expressing her enduring love of storytelling through the creation of magical accoutrement! She painstakingly handcrafts each treasure, fabricating them with premium materials and an undying obsession for mermaids and all things mysterious! She is an avid underwater adventurer  with a "safety-first" mindset, being both a Naui Qualified Mermaid and Freediver. Lover of the oceans and waterways, she strongly maintains that the ocean conservation problem is Ultimately an internal, human problem, and that the abuse of earth's creatures will only sustainably end with the abuse and lack of compassion with one another.  As well as being an advocate for ending the GBV crisis, she aims to take a stand against Human trafficking in South Africa. Believing that increasing awareness and education is an important first step in the elimination of heinous crimes against humanity. Being a neurodivergent Mermaid with unique struggles, she knows that by championing neuroinclusivity in creative communities, allows neurodiverse individuals easier access to a much-needed sense of belonging, support and understanding. She believes in the the value their unique gifts can contribute and the beauty and validity of their individual stories.

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