Store Policy

Customer Care

I am a very chatty mer-maker. I like to have participation and hands on feedback from the client. At the end of the day, I want this product to fit your needs!

We appreciate any feedback you would wish to offer us about your experiences. This will help us grow and to fully meet the needs of the customer. Moonsong is a small, home business. We would strive to come back to you on the same day. But this is not always possible. Please allow 1 working day for a response to an inquiry. 


Privacy & Safety

Moonsong Magic is a small, home business that has no contract with other companies. The customer information is completely confidential. No information will be shared to any other party, and nothing will be sent to you without your consent (mails, promotions etc). We do not allow online  visa payments, so your banking information will not be captured.

Payment Methods

At this stage, we may only accept PayPal.

All payments are to be made using the store forms, which will direct you to paypal services. Once your item has been selected, you will be expected to pay for the Item(s) in full in order for the transaction to be successful. Shipping will be calculated at checkout. Please understand that there may be import duties that you as the customer may be held responsible for once the item reaches your country.